Bar-B's Silverstar Silky Terriers

Welcome friends and fans of the Silky Terrier!  And for those of you just discovering the breed, the Silky is a toy in size with a true terrier personality.  Silkys have a friendly, joyful personality that makes for an ideal companion.  The Silky is a portable pooch that adapts well to any living situation.   They do not like to be ignored when you are around! Silkys are keen and energetic so they like to play ball, go on walks or do things with you.  They love to sit with you, watch TV with you or snuggle on the bed as you read your book! This is a devoted and loyal breed to their family.

Silky Terrier Extraordinaire

Life is m‚Äčerrier with a Silky Terrier!

If you are considering a dog for Showing or for a Family Pet, please contact us. 

We breed for excellence.

I am the perfect dog for you! I am faithful, energetic and absolutely gorgeous!

Everyone loves Me!

I am your next Best Friend.

Check me out!!!!

We love our Silkys! We are longtime Silky owners and fans of the Breed. 

We show our beautiful dogs as a way for others to get to know the Breed. 

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