Rochester, Washington

Bar-B's Silverstar Silky Terriers

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Barb has been breeding Silky Terriers for the last 15 years.  She acquired her first Silky from renown breeder and judge, Donna Renton.  Donna not only got them started on the road to Silky excellence, she also mentored Barb on her road to breeding Silky Terrier Champions. 

Barb bred, raised and showed the first ever  Silky Terrier who achieved the title of Grand Champion.  GCH Bar-B’s Tawnymist Topias was the # 1 All Breed 2010* and #1 Breed 2009 & 2010**   [These accomplishments  are per the official documentation as found in *Canine Chronicle Dec. 2010 ** Canine Chronicle Dec. 2009 & 2010].

Gail has been a Silky Terrier owner and fan for more than 24 years.  After meeting Barb and her late husband, Bill, she decided to join the fun of exhibiting and breeding her beloved breed.  She has had great fun showing our dogs to their Championship and Grand Championships.  

We love to show our dogs to their championships.  We breed our Silky Terriers for the show ring.  As you can imagine, not all of our puppies are show quality; however, they are all 100% lovable.  Our puppies have a great personality, love to play, and will become an integral part of your family.  Whether you want to adopt a potential show puppy or a family puppy, we only place our puppies in homes that we know will love our babies as much as we do.  All of our puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).

All About Us... Barb and Gail

We are dedicated to breeding, registering and showing Silky Terriers of the highest quality! 

We  believe and are committed to maintaining the beauty and elegance of the Silky Terrier.  We have bred and raised champions who are known for their wonderful dispositions, quality characteristics and healthy genetic components.  We are committed to raising happy, healthy and loving Silky Terriers.  We are located in Grand Mound/Rochester Washington.  You can find us on the map half way between Seattle WA and Portland OR.