What do you do for their teeth?

We believe in annual Dental exams!  We know good teeth lead to healthy Silkys [or any dog].  We still have some dogs (many of our rescues) have teeth issues like tartar.  We use and recommend ProDen Plaque Off Animal.  It is made in the USA and IT WORKS!!!!  Yocan find it on Amazon!!!   Or many times at your local or area dog show!!!

Rochester, Washington

Bar-B's Silverstar Silky Terriers

      BSST Helpful Hints and Wisdom Gained...

     Here's some of the things we do; we have learned or we have found very helpful...

We appreciate all the learnings that our friends and mentors have shared along the Silky Road...so here is some that we share with you...enjoy!

What do you for dogs with sore aching joints, etc?

​We have had much success with Sea Pet Shark Cartilage Super Joint Formula.  This really seems to help with our dogs that have had hip or knee problems. 

Of course, for major problems we visit the vet and then plan a course of action. 

​We have found that laser treatments have proven to markedly increase the healing and then we support it with the joint formula!!! Laser treatment is absolutely amazing!!!  So is water therapy!!!

What do you do for dogs that get stressed for a variety of reasons?

​We use Rescue Remedy and it works very well!  In fact Dr. Oz says it also works for us humans! 

​We also have found that NaturVet Naturals Quiet Moments Calming Aid soft chews have a very positive effect as well!  For very stressed pets, we recommend you talk with your vet.  

Of course, sitting on your lap may be of great reassurance.  Remember, not to lock in the negative stressor...get your Silky to focus on something they like and make it a positive rewarding event.