Rochester, Washington

Bar-B's Silverstar Silky Terriers


My Success Story... or Sheila's Amazing Turn-around

Sheila (fka Betsy) is one of the Oklahoma puppy mill rescue girls...

Hi! I am Sheila (Sweater model) with my new sister Penny.  I was a really hardcore case of anxiety, stress and total distrust of people until I met my Dad Dennis.  He waited me out  with love and patience and I learned that humans could be OK.  Mom Darla just let me do my development "thing!" I really blossomed when I got my sister Penny...we are now a duo of love and joy, snuggles and kisses, general all around great glorious girls.  I've come along way from fear pooping and total avoidance-terror of people!!!


We are the Wee Precious Girls...Muffin and Cupcake

Our life is a bowl of Cherries

We live in beautiful Western Washington.  I am so glad that Mom, Patrice, rescued me, Cupcake! I was just a mere shadow of beautiful me.  My BIG sister, Muffin is bigger than me and LOVES me BIG TIME!!  We are both happy campers and treated like the Princesses we are!!!



Silky Play Day 

aka The WrongWay Choir with 2 Guest Soloist and a Director

Many times, our family and friends bring their Silkys over to play with ours.  Lots of fun when they all get together.  Silkys believe that "every voice should be heard!"  How they love to sing and serenade new guests in full voice when anyone is arriving!!! And no one ever pays attention to the Director!!!


I am Ms Arianna from Anchorage...


I am a real snow bunny...I love the tingle of cold feet and wet hair.  I am also a big fan of teaching the younger generation how to pose beautifully for the camera.  You know if you don't start early knowing that the camera is your friend, you may try to make up for it by taking a lot of Selfies later on!!  So I have trained Ms Kelli.  I am still working with Ann and Mark to be less shy...

It's a jolly holiday with Ollie...Me!

I am a California really cool fellow.  In my two and half years, I have charmed everyone who has met me.  They think I am very clever, because I am.  I love to play and I am a great teacher.  I have taught Ronald to be a very good companion and friend.  Life with me is good!


I am the Princess Pebbles...

Well, adoring fans, it seems as if I pulled or strained a muscle, so now I get to stand on my newest throne...a big blue ball.  Note my adoring ladies in waiting - Dixie and Lovey!  I also get to luxurate in the pool (tub).  At the ending of this taxing time...I recline in my bed.  I allow Dixie to join me!! Gloria and Jerry are my devoted Attendants!! 


Louie, the Mighty

It's the Rule...I saw it; it's mine.  Yeah, I know there is a mouse and a rat and a snake and I am the great hunter.  They are all mine, mine, mine! I am like the Silky wind...whoosh!!! I only stop when Claire tells me and I want too!!!

Charlie is my name... Big is my game!

I am a wonderfully BIG BOY!!  I am what you might think of as a supersized bundle of love.  I love to play with toys.  Now I may be an armful but I am very much Dorothy and Bill's little man.




Eh World, Joe here...

I am quite the debonair man about Canada!  I find that my opinion is requested about anything and everything.  I love to offer it.  I am quite fond of discussing the state of the couch with my good friend Dezzi.  We have a definite opinion on all that is happening...we are the couch commentators! We especially like to comment on National Geographic television shows. Now if you are in Canada, visit me with my Annamarie and Ron.





Hello! I am Freyja...

I am a very busy young lady!  I work hard helping Mom with all the chores - I serve as a beautiful model [notice my outfits]; I guard the horses and sheep; I approve visitors to the house!!  This is very hard work.  By the end of the day, I am just bushed!  A girl needs her beauty sleep whenever she can catch it!! I carefully watch over my Liz even more than all the other things!

Mud spa Molly by the sea shore...

Hello Beach Fans...I am great at doing Beach Reclamation work especially when I find a Frisbee that needs my attention.  I have Wanda and Bill trained to play "Throw-it" with me!  

  • We Go Together2:59

Hi!  I am Jackson...

I am a very helpful Silky; I do computer consulting and visitor assessment work! I love living in Canada with Gwenn and David.  I have loved training them.  They do "lap" and "play" really well!

Family and Friends' Silky Pets

We have a large number of Silkys living around the world. Here are some of their pictures they have shared with us.  They may have even let their "owner" be in the picture. 

Over the years we have placed many Silkys in loving homes.  Here are some of the pictures that we have taken or that they have agreed to let us use.   Both the Silkys and their "owners" are by call name only!!!!!!