Rochester, Washington

Bar-B's Silverstar Silky Terriers

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Topi has been waiting for Bill

and now they are


Bill was a devoted husband, father and grandfather to his family.  He leaves behind his wife, partner and helpmate of 47 years, Barbara; his daughters Michelle, Lisa and Julie; his son Jerry and his grandchildren, Jeffry, Adam, Jessica and Carly.  Bill spent his early life in the Tonasket/Orville area of Eastern Washington, leaving after high school to join the United States Navy.  He still has
family, and friends living there, including his brother Grant and sister-in-law Sandra. His family and friends must have many memorable stories to tell about
the Life and Times of Bill Leavell. And, we are sure his time of honorable service in the Navy would also offer some captivating stories - like how he got those wonderful Naval tattoos!

Bill had a passion for doing many things…he loved showing Silky Terriers and especially Topi to his Championship; he loved raising the Silky Terriers puppies with his wife Barb; he also raised race and show horses; he had a champion show Appaloosa Quarter horse, named Chick. Bill enjoyed traveling to fun places like Mexico and Hawaii.  He turned challenges into opportunities to create new ways of doing things, whether gardening, cooking, working with wood, or just plain fixin’ something!!!!

When Bill wanted to be heard he had a wonderful booming voice. He would looked over his glasses and willingly share his thoughts and opinions on many topics. He liked to raise his voice in joyful guidance to his favorite teams…the Mariners and the Seahawks.  Now, he also thought the referees might need some of his coaching when things weren’t quite going as he knew they should.  

Bill was a man of many talents…he loved to do things his way and in his time!!! Bill was almost a Christmas baby; he was born on December 21, 1932.  He loved the month of June for growing beautiful vegetables and flowers and he chose June 10, 2014 to meet his beloved Silky Terrier Grand Champion Bar-B’s Tawnymist Topias (Topi) and cross over the Rainbow Bridge to be together.  Topi and Bill loved playing ball and Bill was looking forward to joining Topi to play once again.

In Honor of Bill Leavell...

Bill was a devoted Silky Terrier Fan!

The man behind all of our work and effort.  Our supporter, our fan, a dear friend and wonderful husband to Barb.  Bill will be missed by all of us who had the great pleasure of meeting him.  To be the recipient of his humor was an honor and a treat...first, you had to be prepared to "get it!"