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Seven Mistaken Beliefs about Adopting a Silky

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Reality #1:  I am the luckiest person because a Silky is my Best Friend!

Now that is absolutely true.  Love your Silky and be a good owner... 

***Feed them healthy and nuitritious food.  A fat Silky is not a healthy Silky.  Give them good wholesome food.   Please avoid any products not made in the USA.  Foods or treats made in other parts of the world are not regulated.  You are the shopper; buy smartly. 

***Ensure regular dental care.  Bad teeth will poison your Silky and shorten their life. 

***Make sure your Silky gets lots of exercise and playtime.  A bored Silky is not healthy for you or your Silky.

***Take your Silky for regular veterinarian care.  Your Silky needs health check-ups just like you do. 

Belief #7: If my Silky won’t listen to me, then maybe yelling will work.

Oh now this is not sound reasoning! Your Silky will not take favorably to yelling. Remember, your dog’s hearing is many, many times more acute than yours! All a raised voice does is confuse, frighten, and maybe even threaten your Silky. Or they think you are barking and will bark with you!!!! Try soft and calm! Redirect your Silky’s attention and give the command again. Your Silky will respond far more favorably to positive than negative reinforcement. All yelling is likely to do is scare your new Silky!

Belief #6: My Silky must come out from their crate when I call them.

Yes, however, sometimes they may not want to! Be firm, loving and gentle in your guidance. Never dump your Silky from their crate; nor reach in and pull them out [you may get bitten!]. Remember: a growl is their way to say no or not right now. Your Silky may want a time out in their security/sanctuary. Wait five minutes and then coax again. Sit down near the crate with a treat…invite them to come out and play with you…make being with you highly desirable!

***Stage 1: Courtship and/or Honeymoon – everyone, you and your Silky are on your best behaviors. Everyone wants to please everyone!

***Stage 2: Test the Limits – your Silky may start acting out a little. They want to know if you will work with them; try to understand their needs; and be lovingly clear about what you will and will not accept!

***Stage 3: Home is my home – your Silky is comfortable and knows the rules [sometimes, they still might test or see if you are still meaning it!] The key to any good relationship is reinforcing what you want; the more you praise the more you get!!!!

Belief #4: My Silky should be instantly in love with me since I adopted them.

Again, this may be wishful thinking! Your Silky has been through a lot. They have come from a variety of life experiences and do not know who you are. They need to get to know you before they can love you. You need to be patient and loving. You need to gain their trust. You will need to teach them that you are good people and that this is their forever home. Your Silky may test you to determine the boundaries. Be lovingly firm and reinforce, reinforce, reinforce the positive behaviors you want.

Belief#5: If it is meant to be; it will all be smooth and wonderful in the relationship. Dream on! Your Silky is a smart, almost humanlike dog! They sincerely do want to please you; however, they want to see what they can get away with [just like children!] Now, your Silky and you will go through stages in your relationship:

Belief #3: This Silky is over puppy age and is, therefore, potty trained and practically perfect in every way [just like Mary Poppins].

This may be hopeful thinking! Your Silky may be trained however; it may not be on your schedule! Start your training or reinforcing by taking your new Silky out [on or off leash/dog dependent] every two hours. Use the command you want to instill in the dog to indicate that now is the time to do its business. When your Silky does their business, give them a special treat that they ONLY get when they go outside and go potty. Make it a special reward occasion!!!! ONLY gives those treats at that time. To avoid accidents, be consistent and frequent…get your new family member familiar with your wishes and their new potty rules. 

Belief #2: This Silky will be just like my last one or my last dog.

Oops, this is a no-no! Each Silky or dog has its own personality, quirks and interesting ideas about what is what in their world [just like we people do!]. Since they do not know your world, they will begin by coming from their own understanding. Take the time to teach them lovingly what is what in your world.

Seven Mistaken Beliefs about Adopting a Silky

Belief #1: My new Silky knows and understands me and my language.

Oops this is a mistake! Your new friend has to learn your language and learn your expressions and intonations. To them you may as well be speaking aboriginal Australian. Use short commands to start their re-training; you may also add in hand signals that are common. Say stay and motion with your hand to stay.