Rochester, Washington

Bar-B's Silverstar Silky Terriers

  • Zip A Dee Doo Dah3:20


Gail's husband, Dan, with some of their crew!  

Dr. Randy Thomas, D.V.M. 

and the Bar-B's Silverstar Diamond Trio Grande

Gail's Daughter, Tiffany,with Lucky and Sweetie

Cathy with Cameo's Silky Terriers

Our Wonderful Team of Supporters

Meet the People Behind the Scenes of

Bar-b's Silverstar Silky Terriers


We would like you to meet (photographically) the people we count on to help us do what we love!  Thank you to all of you who do that.  You are our rocks, our go-to persons, our supporters, our comfort givers, our listeners, our everythings!!!!!!!!  Thank you all for all you do with and for us.  Our Silkys also thank you...tlhey know who the important people are!!!